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Berber Art

BS28: Handknotted Wool Rug 98,42" * 59" by Berber Art

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            authentic Handknotted Berber wool rug 
Materials: Sheep's wool and pearl cotton fibers
    Size: 8,2 Ft * 4,92 Ft ( 250 cm * 150 cm )

The traditional Handwoven Berber Wool Rugs are unique and traditional, these techniques and designs are passed from one generation to the next. Rug weaving has long been a major family craft in the region. It remains today as the main source of income for many families, rugs are weaving in Vertical Loom, made by sheep’s wool and pearl cotton fibers, designs are taking around 40 days. Each unique piece from contemporary to Bohemian chic will surely add a beautiful touch and lively atmosphere to your space with their vibrant colors and striking designs.

 Berber Art's rugs suitable for many Home Décor purposes—for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or entry-ways and for hanging on walls.

Care: Only dry cleaning