Our story

Berber Art is based in the heart of Algeria, in a walled city called Ghardaïa, also known as the "the Pearl of the Oasis".  Ghardaïa was founded almost 1000 years ago in the M’Zab Valley in the Sahara Desert. In 1982, our city was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a site of “outstanding universal value.”  The indigenous people are Berber (aka Amazigh). 

We inherited the art of weaving Berber rugs from our Berber ancestors. The traditional techniques and designs are passed from one generation to the next.  Rug weaving has long been a major family craft in the region. It remains today as the main source of income for many families in Ghardaïa. By making Berber rugs, I strive to help many families rise out of poverty by buying their wool and employing them as weavers. Keeping my Berber culture and its legacy alive motivates me to work harder and harder.  I am grateful to those who encouraged me to save this noble heritage and fine art.

Berber Art’s handwoven rugs feature Berber designs. Each is a unique piece.  These beautiful rugs are suitable for many Home Décor purposes—for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or entry-ways and for hanging on walls. From contemporary to Bohemian chic, these one-of-a kind rugs will surely add a beautiful touch and lively atmosphere to your space with their vibrant colors and striking designs.