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Berber Art produces unique, wool rugs and pillows using traditional Berber designs.  One of our rugs and pillows will surely add a beautiful touch to any space.  The central goal of my work is to help sustain the many families who are financially supported, and weaving supplies. Through my work, I strive to maintain our heritage, to allow our Berber culture to thrive, and to serve those who have encouraged me to fulfill this mission.

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    Berber Art’s hand-woven rugs are made of sheep’s wool with a warp of strong, pearl cotton fibers.  All our rugs are woven on vertical handlooms.  The sheared wool is washed, dried, and hand spun into soft yarns. Using natural dyes, the yarns achieve a great variety of colors: from white to red and blue and from brown and grey to black.  Using the different colored yarns, traditional Berber designs are woven into the rugs on the vertical handloom. We also weave beautiful rugs from undyed sheep’s wool in cream, tan, black and brown colors.

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